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Shell Mosaic production and the diversification of shell Mosaic decoration

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic production and the diversification of shell Mosaic decoration

shell Mosaic become decoration materials, the first was found to be used in construction decoration shell Mosaic is Sue beauty of the temple wall, in the two river basin across Europe of the mesopotamian plain temple wall decoration shell Mosaic Mosaic images, heard that Sue beauty sun dog is found that many of the earliest shell Mosaic Mosaic image Mosaic. And archaeological findings, is one of the most ancient Greek s ancient Greek marble shell Mosaic pavement application is all over, at that time the most common way is to use black and white shell of mutual blending of stone Mosaic, at the time as long as the ruler of the authority and the rich of the rich afford artisans and bought up data, using shell Mosaic inlaid into all kinds of local image to decorate their live. With shell Mosaic decoration reflect is the art of luxury at that time, and the development to the end of the ancient Greece, some skillful craftsman and artists to more diversified handsome building decoration works, begin to use more subtle rubble, and its craft cut small flake through all sorts of color mix, elegantly shell Mosaic Mosaic end to work, the shop is stuck on the wall of the building material, the ground, cylindrical, its initial, straightforward way of artistic embodiment, is the precious wealth of shell Mosaic before history and civilization.
from the beginning of the sixties and seventies of the last century, the Canadian pursues 'multiple civilization of socialism', and as proud, canadians often love to use 'Mosaic' or 'tapestry' to describe its civilization diversity policy and get results.
'Mosaic' was originally a western building materials, usually refers to a small ceramic tile, small pieces of shell, square or hexagonal and have all sorts of color, mostly used to decorate indoor floor or wall. Earlier, the European church will 'Mosaic' to use on the window glass, called stained glass, shells cut small pieces together is called a shell Mosaic. Now, the dazzling visual effects is loosely called 'Mosaic'. Because 'Mosaic' look from the picture is not easy to distinguish the strict boundaries of all sorts of color, and use 'Mosaic' pluralistic coexistence phenomenon of civilization, for instance, also compare apt. Canada as an immigrant country, the ethnic family, air more harmonious society, its diverse civilizations like 'Mosaic' are the same, look from the part, distinctive from all colors.
however, there are still a lot of bitterness. Many Canadian French people think that the Olympics opening ceremony in French with too little, and content is not much related to the French, contrary to civilization diversity policy initiatives by the government. There are other ethnic Chinese make a major contribution to Canada also feel their civilization didn't get due attention. About these mindset, Canada's Olympic organizing committee show that bear, and promised to do right at the closing ceremony. Canada's diverse civilization policy of free equivalence criterion of most national recognition and support, they hope to national civilization 'Mosaic' becomes more colorful, supply the inexhaustible energy source to the future development of Canada.
Roman shell Mosaic of popular thanks to the early christians Moses separated the sea when the jews to Rome was hit by the local aristocracy, under the great social pressure, the art into the best way to expression of Christian worship, they're gathering in the basement and underground passage, because most people can't read them, their stories and legends of christians in the basement of the channel walls make shell Mosaic image, used to convey the Christian civilization, so these collections christians and people of the basement and channels with many shell Mosaic paintings depicting the story of Jesus Christ.
use the adornment of metope and ground is mainly used for shell Mosaic. Due to Mosaic the single unit area is small, color variety, with endless combinations, it can be the shape of the designer and the design inspiration performance incisively and vividly, and show its unique artistic charm and personality. Is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, station, swimming pool, places of entertainment, the wall ground that occupy the home, and art spelling a flower, and so on.
type shell Mosaic Mosaic in accordance with the material, process can be divided into a number of different species, glass Mosaic according to its process can be divided into single cutting machine, double-sided cutting and manual cutting machine, etc. , the glass Mosaic according to its material can be divided into ceramic Mosaic, stone Mosaic, metal Mosaic, luminous Mosaic and so on.

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