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Shell Mosaic production technology and the use of the shells decorative purposes

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Production technology of shell Mosaic from the use of decorative shell method USES
shell Mosaic bought up material to show the art of luxury. Development to late Greek Mosaic, the artist in order to enrich the work to the more diversified, they began to need a smaller fragments, and cutting to complete a small stone Mosaic. In Roman times, Mosaic has grown very popular, the floor of the common people residence and public buildings.
shell Mosaic metope is decorated with it, how wealthy Rome to appear at the time, make the Roman building luxury is the incredible degree. Mosaic is derived from the golden age of the early christians came to Rome, they were persecuted, only the channel such as the party in the basement. Because most people are illiterate, so these basement wall shell Mosaic is glass Mosaic murals describing the story of Jesus Christ. Constantine is legalized Christianity and vigorously promote the Roman emperor, Constantinople ( Byzantine) The church is decorated with a large number of Mosaic beautification, the use of colour is more and more, gold foil was fired in transparent glass to use. The characteristics of the Sicilian Mosaic is gold bottom. The Byzantine times almost to Mosaic the word equal sign.
use the adornment of metope and ground is mainly used for shell Mosaic. Due to Mosaic the single unit area is small, color variety, with endless combinations, it can be the shape of the designer and the design inspiration performance incisively and vividly, and show its unique artistic charm and personality. Is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, station, swimming pool, places of entertainment, the wall ground that occupy the home, and art spelling a flower, and so on.
type shell Mosaic Mosaic in accordance with the material, process can be divided into a number of different species, glass Mosaic according to its process can be divided into single cutting machine, double-sided cutting and manual cutting machine, etc. , the glass Mosaic according to its material can be divided into ceramic Mosaic, stone Mosaic, metal Mosaic, luminous Mosaic and so on.

natural shell Mosaic series products are the most popular European and American countries of high-grade decorative materials, also will be on the market the latest and most natural, the most rare gold pearl shell and white pearl shells is introduced into China as processing of raw materials, and keep natural texture and taste of shells, and fusion of modern design concept of cultural atmosphere, into the life will give us a more natural elements. Natural pearl shells after fine pure manual processing, with constant natural color, not to hurt any component of the body. We should pass special processing to achieve its elegant artistic effect, present a top grade luxury.
to create green building shell Mosaic, early comprehensive evaluation must be carried out on the land for development, including environment, health, safety, geology, historic sites, etc. , to avoid the water conservation and soil, air, electromagnetic pollution of the area and so on. The planning and design to protect the land and the surrounding natural environment, as far as possible to maintain and use the original terrain, minimizing the excavation area and vegetation destruction. To protect and respect the human environment and excellent city space scale.
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