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Shell Mosaic products encyclopedic knowledge

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Shell Mosaic product knowledge encyclopedia
shell Mosaic products are developed after Mosaic products are widely in use, there is a special existence way, solve the disadvantages of the traditional Mosaic products. It is made of pure natural mother of pearl shells: white plate, black plate shell, huang2 die2, abalone shell, decorative, pink shell, formed a relatively large brick or ( ) 。 Its surface crystal, gougeous colors, high and attractive, sending out the breath from nature, its natural and environmental protection, can let consumers away from formaldehyde pollution, radiation, favored by people, and therefore is widely used in, setting metope and ground of indoor small area the size of indoor metope and for decoration.
use the adornment of metope and ground is mainly used for shell Mosaic. Due to Mosaic the single unit area is small, color variety, with endless combinations, it can be the shape of the designer and the design inspiration performance incisively and vividly, and show its unique artistic charm and personality. Is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, station, swimming pool, places of entertainment, the wall ground that occupy the home, and art spelling a flower, and so on.
note: custom shell Mosaic process
shell Mosaic order process is roughly as follows: the owner choose or provide shell Mosaic pictures - — Architects design drawings - — The owner confirmed drawings - — Shell Mosaic - — Delivery of the goods.

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