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Shell Mosaic, shell and background wall - — Marine atmosphere to create a natural and comfortable life

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic, shell and background wall - — Create a natural and comfortable living Marine atmosphere

the expect of the sea, shell Mosaic is very popular in recent years a new environmental protection building decoration materials. It USES the pure natural freshwater shellfish, seashells, after first to enter the machine polishing, piecing up by artificial carefully again. Compared with those of other decorative building materials has the advantage of the many natural shell Mosaic
as work life rhythm speeding up, people more and more the pursuit of a simple way and do not break the monotony of life, the family is decorated also pursue simple style.

shell Mosaic have long have different era mission and meaning, its rich raw material, the color is various, the small, collage and optional specifications, drawings features can also show the demand by the designers of irregular wave, spherical and curved surface, the effect of shell Mosaic so charm, and who can resist?
shell Mosaic material innovation, satisfy the consumers in recent years, the pursuit of new decoration material. Shell Mosaic of also more and more widely used, metope, ceiling, waist line, or even desktop, furniture, photo frame can see its shadow. Special shell Mosaic bright color and texture, variety, is unmatched by general decoration material, thus creating space is rich and colorful, sending out natural breath, extremely rich administrative levels sense,
shell Mosaic color is various, achievement of visual feast, whether it is pure and fresh and elegant pastoral pure and fresh style, or a part of Europe type amorous feelings, shell Mosaic can show incisively and vividly. Shell Mosaic also can match with other materials, the entire surface of the Mosaic can give priority to with shell raw material, add other decoration materials as an ornament, will have a pleasant feeling on the vision. The collocation of color mixture can build a bright and lively atmosphere.

the sofa of European contracted shell setting wall, has been more and more customers like this style of setting wall is the most simple, shells of wallpaper will only add to the depressive feeling of the room, the shells shells make setting wall is simple and not drab, compared to traditional decorating rules, more carefree, build a comfortable life atmosphere, enjoy the European contracted wind is a sense of comfort and fashion, but also fully reflects the host a quiet life and a sunny mood.
shell setting wall materials are selected from natural freshwater shellfish and seashells, let every corner of the sofa is sending out the charming natural breath, and designers of unique thinking and design innovation, fully show the Europe type amorous feelings that thick deep feeling, let a sitting room become extremely romantic breath, let you as if place oneself in the vast ocean. Tips:
manufacturers custom shell Mosaic process
shell Mosaic order process is roughly as follows: the owner choose or provide shell Mosaic pictures - — Architects design drawings - — The owner confirmed drawings - — Mosaic - — Delivery of the goods.
in general, shell Mosaic, customized time is related to the difficulty of the puzzle and area. If the area is not large, shell Mosaic materials in 3 ~ 4 square meters, there are 15 days or so can be completed; The area of the larger need about 30 days.

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