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Shell Mosaic type of detailed quality materials

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic quality materials kinds of detailed
shell Mosaic, shell decorating plate, shell setting wall, shell art parquet, shell furniture, shell gift, pearl nuclei, shell handicrafts, shell frame, shell accessories and other shellfish decoration products, all products can customize according to individual needs processing.

shell Mosaic in accordance with the material, process can be divided into a number of different species. Glass shell Mosaic according to its process can be divided into single cutting machine, double-sided cutting and manual cutting machine, etc. , the glass Mosaic according to its material can be divided into ceramic Mosaic, stone Mosaic, metal Mosaic and so on.

ceramic Mosaic is one of the most traditional Mosaic, is famous for its small and exquisite, but relatively drab, low grade.

marble shell Mosaic is a Mosaic of medium-term development varieties, rich and colorful, but its poor acid-proof alkaline, waterproof properties is bad, so the market is not very good.

glass Mosaic glass colors bring vitality to shell Mosaic. It's different according to the variety of glass, is divided into a variety of small varieties:
1) The molten glass Mosaic. With silicate as the main raw material, under the high temperature melt molding and opacifying or half opacifying shape, containing a small amount of bubbles and molten particles of glass Mosaic.
2) Sintering glass Mosaic. Glass powder as the main raw materials, adding suitable amount of binder such as compressed into a certain size of green; Under a certain temperature of sintering glass Mosaic.
3) Venus glass Mosaic. Contains a small amount of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles, has obvious with light flashing glass Mosaic.

the rivers or the sea shell Mosaic of natural shell material, is non-toxic, no radiation, environmental quality, etc.

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