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Shell Mosaic wall of setting of perfect collocation reveals unique personality

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic wall of setting of perfect collocation reveals unique personality
shell Mosaic paste installation, can be the same as other types of Mosaic paste ( Such as glass, stone, etc. ) 。 With a mixture of white cement and glue paste, or directly with ceramic binder etc, then wipe clean can.
shell Mosaic due to smaller, can make some puzzle, the gradient effect. If you have a big toilet, lighting effect is good, can choose, cleaning must be better than other ceramic tile. Due to its single shell Mosaic of unit area is small, color variety, with endless combinations, it can be the shape of the designer and the design inspiration performance incisively and vividly, and show its unique artistic charm and personality.

design a good shell TV setting wall is big, learning to bear DVD players, cable television receiver, video converter, such as equipment, the line how to connect, how do I get are knowledge, needs the careful ponder to finalize. Especially some young people home subwoofer speakers, more going to planning good bearing and don't have a TV wall left the speaker role, penny wise and pound foolish. And on those who often demand old boy carrying children to play with all kinds of video games to be able to video games ( Perhaps other home electronics products) Into the television cabinet, only on playing time quietly connection, have to say is a wonderful plan.
shell Mosaic size small, aspersing designer's passion. General common specifications are 20 mm * 20 mm, 30 mm * 30 mm. Shells are commonly used to do this specification background wall, shell decoration materials, etc. , or is the waist line of metope. The shape of a shell Mosaic is not just the regular square, can according to need to make it h, diamond, circular, triangle, hexagon, and irregular shape. Bring more likely for interior space decoration. Compared with the ordinary ceramic tile, the biggest characteristic of shell Mosaic is small specifications, can complete other ceramic tile cannot achieve adornment effect, such as collage, the shop is stuck on the surface of the cambered surface, cylindrical, etc, can also design your favorite pattern, style, etc. , do not need to use special processing, such as complicated technology can be easily accomplished. Because it is the smallest decoration materials, shell Mosaic can often inspired designers special spark. Will shell Mosaic shop is stuck in the wall, desktop, lamps and lanterns, picture frames, collage piece, inadvertently, like elves flash visible.
to do the above, a perfect shell TV wall even perfect. As for the fine point of internal space, also need small housewives run slowly. Strong-minded housewife will not only books, materials, disks, electronic products into the TV ark, even the snacks, bills, letters and so on trivial things can find a suitable for their home. If can to extend a cabinet for wine, it must be a kind of ability. Therefore, no matter what you do, just can make you the fast pace of urban life in the open and orderly environment can be found everywhere in life have a surprise.

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