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Shell Mosaic with the rhythm of nature

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
People eager to place oneself in an unrestrained feeling of home. The adornment of enron's home no mo chongcai, however the whole space which have natural charm because those wooden elements fit properly, created a natural and comfortable 'xanadu'. Quiet, green, simple sense of the log, the adornment of the natural elements and plain color tone as space, conveyed the hostess to the understanding and love of life.

log texture of sitting room space dialogue is pure and fresh and simple
perhaps drew the landscape sensitivity, double entry house of this two hundred much square metre, hasn't been to the decoration in the beginning, the whole body is already send out a pure and fresh and beautiful. Unique vision, make each room and even everywhere public space can see the river. Enjoy panoramic landscape, and attached to the 'thorn' near the pearl river, into the quiet, are flourishing, coupled with pure fresh air, natural oxygen bar in the life that occupy the home, although is also the common day, but not everyone can enjoy the gift of nature.

shells since ancient times is the mother of pearl, pearl luster unparalleled are other substances, but is not the same luster and pearl shells, shell still has original light, pearl shells and has his unique texture, texture and texture of the leaves of the same shell, not a piece of shell is the same, and his reflection luster are based on the texture, yes so shell Mosaic and, unlike other types of glass Mosaic, he said the refraction of light is desultorily, colour more other material Mosaic not colorful. The mistress of the enron
I love nature, desire in life is to have plenty of sunshine, rain and dew, soil fragrance, and lithe and graceful green plant, NiaoTi locust. So she choice with minimalist lines, pure and fresh and natural colors and original wooden to decorate your home. In the sitting room is full of log feel, tonal and composed of the original wood floor from the ground all the way to the TV setting wall, tie-in drab linen cloth art sofa and carpet, is a kind of slam the door buckish, return to nature of natural flavor; Introducing the breath of spring, grass green metope is tie-in white rice and cream-colored curtain, reduce a lot of heaviness of log, let whole home immersed in the pure and fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Formal in simple plain, enron found belongs to own that a peace and comfort.

shells is a symbol of wealth, early in our country are shells as a currency to exchange articles, to now, professor feng shui or shells to faking a town house to ward off bad luck a sharp object, we put the shells are highlighted as a Mosaic is a symbol of wealth and good luck.

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