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Shell setting wall development prospect analysis

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
吗? 1. Economic development into the fast lane of interior decoration in the rigid demand

? In political pluralism and under the new situation of global economic integration, increasing the quality of life of human, a massive increase in the number of travel tourism, the requirement of increasing the human to the hotel and leisure clubs. People visit hotel leisure clubs have not to stay overnight and pure relax but experience feelings of euphoria, which the tide of life experience. The interior decoration of modern hotel and clubhouse affected by more and more tend to be diversified design style. At the same time, along with our country's urbanization advancement speeding up unceasingly, building complete area of 18-2 billion square meters a year. Thus, hotel, club, home decoration has unprecedented prosperity. According to statistics, China's decoration materials has been increasing at the rate of consumption by 30% a year, only a decorative materials, by the year 2010 will reach one trillion yuan, the size of the next decade, surrounding the consumption of interior decoration will always occupy the mainstream of social total consumption.

? 2. Living standards make wall act the role of the market character art wave tide fashion

? Previous rub garment board, with today's fully automatic washing machines; Previous single door refrigerator, replaced by today's computer refrigerator temperature control; - - - In a changing society, people's life is changing tastes and space appeal, covers an area of more than three times the use area of the building wall, is the place that most occupy our line of sight, and setting wall is the most conspicuous place, is a symbol of taste, is essential and the most important part of interior decoration. Original uniform wall paint wallpaper has become the representative of the 'aesthetic fatigue', a symbol of 'no personality'. Shell wall act the role of the masterpiece of setting wall is E era, it USES the pure natural shell Mosaic and what it contains contracted and fashionable elements and creative design, extend the infinite imagination space for the unique taste of people, improve the grade of the decoration. Shell setting wall origin of Greece, in China, and into the decoration style of The Times.

? 3. Traditional wall act the role ofing has appeared to the legendary sunset end products especially apt

? Because decorate pollution is increasingly serious, harmful material such as formaldehyde, benzene seriously affects people's health, so the 'light is repaired, heavy adornment' the trend of the wind, the existing wallpaper on the market, culture stone, art glass, ceramic tile, because environmental protection not up to standard, material, installation inconvenience, material defects, such as heavy factors, can't satisfy people's needs and functional needs more environmental protection, ( Brand) Shell setting wall with Chinese and foreign natural shell handicraft operation and become, in the strong adsorption of harmful gases and electromagnetic radiation at the same time, can also be harmonics noise reduction, to create a refreshing and green space and natural perfect audio-visual environment, realize the interior decoration of artistry, personalization, panoramic view of the international fashion.

? A market to create billions of the birth of a new category shell setting wall is decorated.
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