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stained glass mosaic tile: updated use of classic materials

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-13
Tours of ancient European cities always seem to include majestic cathedrals, bell towers, storybook spires, and complex murals.
Although these buildings are filled with many notable architectural and design achievements, their stained glass windows are often the most watched.
The owners of castles, churches, and mansions all commissioned the artist to distinguish their buildings with stained glass, which seemed to define many historical buildings, almost capturing the glory and elegance of the past.
The designers have never forgotten the stained glass and have tried many applications.
One of the most exciting innovations today is glass mosaic tiles.
A lot of people think the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are ceramic but they need to rethink.
Mosaic tiles are now made of natural stone, metal, porcelain, wood and glass.
Each material offers exciting color and style applications.
Glass offers a wide selection and today\'s innovative designers are excited about the possibility.
Sam Tonos, designer of Tonos Design Studio, uses stained glass mosaic tiles to turn a small bathtub in the TriBeCa duplex loft in New York into something spectacular.
Unlike tiles, the glass creates a translucent quality that can illuminate and open small spaces.
He chose more than one.
Colorful Patterns of green, light blue, white, brown and beige.
Each tile is cut manually and then pieced together individually to create a seamless pattern.
The long and narrow tiles add energy and movement, creating the illusion of space and light.
Tonos uses a stick tile pattern as a back wall, as well as a border along the simpler white sink tailgate.
The vibrant tiles contrast with the simpler vanity and toilet in the Tribeca bathroom.
You can find stained glass mosaic tiles in many different shapes and patterns.
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