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Steps For Installing Shell Mosaic

Steps For Installing Shell Mosaic


1. We suggest to adopt professional adhesives and joint filler, and parts of our products adopt natural neutral adhesives.
2. First of all, using the hammer to set the vertical line, and then clean the wall surface before installing the mother of pearl tiles on your backsplash. Please pay attention to the surface should be clean and flat.
3. Use special ash knife to sweep 2-3mm thickness adhesive after cleaning to pavement surface. A few brands to consider are Acrylpro, Mapei and Laticrete. Be sure that your thinset is white as the pearl tiles are inherently translucent.
4. Use dentation trowel carve to score out waviness on the flat mushy adhesive, then place the mother of pearl tile on the wall over the thin layer of adhesive. Cut the edges of the tile with glass tile nippers or a wet saw to ensure a perfect fit.
5. Installing mosaic, pay attention to align the joints between sheets with the joints between chips in the sample sheet.
6. Tenderly pat the surface of the mosaic and leveling treatment to make sure it is adhesive evenly.

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