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[stick Mosaic operating tutorial] practical shell Mosaic construction method

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
[stick Mosaic operating tutorial] practical construction method that shell Mosaic
prepare construction materials: professional shell Mosaic adhesive ( Or white cement + white latex) Two child powder ( Caulking agent) Shell Mosaic construction tools first step: first before installation should guarantee the installation surface grassroots level off, the walls are definitely not do hair, the formation of concrete, the better, shell Mosaic is different from other kinds of ceramic tile is a flat, if part of grassroots metope rough posted or sag effect is very ugly, reserve the installation position should be greater than the required thickness of shell Mosaic 3 - 5MM。 Before the shop is stuck should do a thorough cleanup. The second step: to use professional shell Mosaic adhesive, tend to be neutral as well - Don't and black with white cement to cement paste, the first general cement is alkaline, with corrosion of shell Mosaic underlying glaze, over time, the shell Mosaic may appear discoloration, fading; Furthermore paste is not strong, there will be a single for a long time off, it is difficult to clean. Advice to choose professional Mosaic adhesive: henkel, Ma Bei, highly respected, west card brand (such as It is not, use white cement + white latex blending ratio is 3:1) commonly 。 Step 3:2 - 3 mm sawtooth trowel will glue smear evenly on the base, the thickness of 3-2 It is advisable to 5 mm. The monolithic Mosaic aligned cracks on drawing, adhesives in combed. The gaps between the two pieces, usually with broadly in line with a gap between granule on each piece. Will level off the plank pad on Mosaic surface, uniform with a rubber hammer knock, ensure firm adhesion. In case of a Mosaic too high or too late, should unplug the particles with ways to reduce or increase the adhesive for leveling. The Mosaic (directly Note: no Mosaic put anything on the back) , it must be from the bottom up, before installation shall be in accordance with the construction installation drawing before paving, larger area number map matching. The shop is stuck out after being moderately moisture to dry and initial strength, must use dedicated caulking caulking agent ( Two child powder) , avoid by all means use white cement caulking, with gap filling agent, first, caulking agent itself is waterproof resistance to corrupt, and itself is very delicate, especially after complete the sewing scrub with a wet sponge aperture shell Mosaic of the whole seam is smooth, smooth, delicate, and white cement is washed-up, rough, after filling the gap fuzzy not clear, sketch out the Mosaic effect in itself. Use wood or rubber spatula caulking agent into Mosaic crevice. For caulking agent filling is complete, moderate moisture to dry already has initial strength can begin to clean up.
shell Mosaic products are developed after Mosaic products are widely in use, there is a special existence way, solve the disadvantages of the traditional Mosaic products. It is made of pure natural mother of pearl shells: white plate, black plate shell, huang2 die2, abalone shell, decorative, pink shell, formed a relatively large brick or ( ) 。 Its surface crystal, gougeous colors, high and attractive, sending out the breath from nature, its natural and environmental protection, can let consumers away from formaldehyde pollution, radiation, favored by people, and therefore is widely used in, setting metope and ground of indoor small area the size of indoor metope and shell as a decorative panel, furniture surface decoration, handicrafts, clothing accessories, etc. At the same time also can make shell tile, shells, marble, etc. The traditional Mosaic, it is more characteristic and new energy products.

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