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Stick the Mosaic of experience

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Stick the Mosaic of experience

in the second half of the decorated, feeling update speed is more and more slow, I just turn the camera; Decide Mosaic DIA say ah, because this matter to decorate, I personally feel regret in the course of spent money; Did not achieve the ideal effect, at least not as good as I thought. But not Mosaic problem; It's a matter of tile. Jiangxi shell Mosaic Mosaic of law under the below for tomorrow morning, because I find their own decorating workers is never seen the house with Mosaic head for the door, so stick method is borrowed from the late 80 s and early '90 s method, is put up with white cement, also about the brick work at superb skills; Now regret it, because I can't insisted on his more white cement to blow down; Cause now white cement dry; Unable to tick off seam, oh and clear; This bottom back wow, only to face filling in front of the Mosaic turn quickly gray cement wry smile. His; Mo remedy only accepted; As long as the brick not to drop, ugly also calculate features! But I still want each other to post of the baba Mosaic classmates home, have that, I will come to me to buy again Mosaic asked his family to buy what the brick posted so not comfortable. See my menacing, little sister in the store are still a little deficiency fire; Because I blame them at that time didn't give me the construction technology and matters needing attention, then she examined me explain it again; One thing need to master good craft, one is in need of some special process; Get the stick.

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