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The advantage of shell Mosaic materials make creative household quality of life

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
The advantage of shell Mosaic materials make creative household life quality
a, adornment sex is strong shell Mosaic puzzle is the perfect way to use rich material and color change, from the traditional pattern of small stone grain of collage, gradually extended to the application of glass, metal, shell, ceramics and other materials. In a decorative surface, as well as flexible use of various elegant geometry, also can use the color gradient. Other decorative materials can be used as an ornament, also can be overall comprehensive utilization, Mosaic will be exalted temperament and romantic emotional appeal of the deduced to get incisively and vividly. Its rich and colorful design not only give a person with shock and aesthetic feeling on the vision, gives the space a new stereo feeling more. 2, long service life of shell Mosaic main raw material is hard natural stone and its wear resistance is ceramic tile, wood decoration materials unreachable. In addition, because of the Mosaic of the gap is more, its ability to resist stress have more advantages than other decorative materials, can make the Mosaic after one thousand years and the same, so that the Renaissance era, Mosaic is a unique technology of preserving art. Three, the scarcity of marble Mosaic raw material is a natural non-renewable resources. Marble is calcite ( Calcium carbonate) Or limestone ( Calcium magnesium carbonate) Moderate metamorphic results. According to research in ancient fossils of shallow layer, where once aquatic shellfish and coral is very prosperous, two major parts of the earth or the edge of the two large tracts of land subsidence or extrusion, the lithological substances that are rich in carbonates, withstand high temperatures, extrusion, buried, the resulting structure deterioration and marble is formed within the fold type mountains. With the passage of time, the natural mineral deposits are constantly mining, resources drying up, its value will be improved. Four, environmental protection, marble Mosaic using pure natural raw materials, in the process of processing does not need to join any harmful additives. In an era of advocating environmental protection pursuit of returning to nature, there is no doubt that the marble Mosaic can meet the environmental protection. Five, the Mosaic of personalized now already no longer confined to hutch defends a space, use it for background wall, hall, the adornment of the bedroom or corridor, it is a visual effect, protect vision, open field of vision and increase life interest. Mind is clever, creative people can also according to individual be fond of, give full play to their potential, to create their own art, become the nods eyeball pen of you grab an eye most perfect home life. Let the people be fond of diy have more imagination space and display the creative world. It reflects the beauty of nature and individuation, nowhere not smell intoxicating fragrance. Six, safety in numerous adornment material, shell Mosaic of the particularity of its structure, its has the very good skid resistance, thus Mosaic is widely used in swimming pools, bath center, hutch defends a space, such as high antiskid performance is required, for decorative beauty and function of harmony. Seven own materials elegant, noble and elegant shell Mosaic reflects each local details of the room, it is pure manual Mosaic and enhance the social status and personality of the entire interior decoration, and from the right the furniture accessories is a symbol of a class, a social stratum, is the owner in a very direct way to show their social status and an important part of art taste. Mosaic strong artistic expression and the creation of high plasticity, make it become one of the most honorable, the most fashionable adornment material.

with the enrichment of material shell Mosaic, shell Mosaic has the pivotal status in decorating a design, the colour of profusion, the characteristic of waterproof, small area can DIY out many unique design. Laid Mosaic in the kitchen and the bathroom is no longer a fresh things, now Mosaic has begun to live in other space 'offensive' in their lives.
in order to fit the whole Mediterranean style, make the TV setting wall white handle, but all white again appear too drab, stylist inspiration, with Mosaic spell out a color chimney design, not only conforms to the decoration of the overall design style, but also can build a seaside madadayo smoke from kitchen chimneys image, make whole space is full of imagination and life interest.

toilet didn't do any complicated arrangement, only in the Mosaic metope and ground, then make the ordinary toilet immediately has a unique personality and unique space to experience.

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