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The characteristics of shell Mosaic elegant material knowledge

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
The characteristics of shell Mosaic elegant material knowledge
shell Mosaic personalized Mosaic let some like DIY fashion people can have more space to display their creative. In addition, a stainless steel Mosaic is no longer limited to the hutch defends a space, use it to make TV setting wall, sitting room background wall, and the adornment of the bedroom or porch, also has the remarkable effect. Mosaic art reflects the personality and natural beauty of the intoxicating fragrance.
shells, the mother of pearl, she has brought up the bright pearl, she is pure and fresh and special, magical, of primitive simplicity and elegant, romantic is always regarded as a representative of happy and at peace. It from ancient to now, with its peculiar appearance, beautiful bright, delicate unsurpassed pattern among nature's most charming creation, its gorgeous as jade.
shell Mosaic is made of natural shells as raw materials, with its natural color and grain as the main tone, combined with modern humanistic design concept, the use of jewelry processing, refined but become fashionable and environmental protection of high-grade decoration materials.
she is elegant, natural and soft color, not only inherited the brilliance of the pearl, and in the decoration of the house reflected the mystery of ocean, whether it is set in the wall, or on the floor inside, can fully reflect the noble and elegant personality and temperament, send out a noble style. From the nature, she can make our life more add natural element, make love the natural you can roam in the house in the bosom of nature, relax.

1, shell Mosaic provides environmental protection shell Mosaic, marble Mosaic, jade Mosaic and so on are all made using pure natural raw materials, without any harmful substances in the machining process. In today's era of the pursuit of environmental protection, the pursuit of natural, most of these natural materials Mosaic meet the environmental protection concept.
2, shell has a strong decorative Mosaic Mosaic apply puzzles to strengthen its adornment sex, in the form of Mosaic material is very rich and color changes, it from traditional small stone grain gradually evolved into with shells, ceramics, metal, glass and other materials as raw materials. Mosaic can deduce the material itself temperament, emotional appeal of incisively and vividly, in decoration and interior space, can it do other adornment ornament materials, can also be widespread use to make Mosaic background wall; Can use Mosaic tile color gradients, also can use all kinds of geometry. Shell Mosaic tile, with its rich images give a person with shock, aesthetic feeling, for household space gives the brand new feeling.
3, shell Mosaic have long service life characteristics that the Mosaic of the main raw material is natural stone material, more in terms of its wear resistance, is the adornment material such as ceramic tile and wood floor. For Mosaic tile gap between each small particles is more, the formation of its ability to resist stress is much more advantage than other adornment material, it is also a Mosaic can after one thousand years, from the Roman era into our modern life, and it's wonderful.
4, shell Mosaic with scarcity scarcity is embodied in its raw material is natural and non-renewable resources, such as marble Mosaic, the formation of the marble is experienced in long-term extrusion, high temperature, structure of buried materials such as magnesium carbonate or calcium carbonate to produce bad results. With the mining, natural mineral resource will gradually dried up, it will enhance the value of.
5, shell Mosaic safety have very good skid resistance and abrasion resistance make the Mosaic tiles are widely used in bath center, swimming pool, hutch defends the antiskid demanding place such as space, compared to other traditional materials already practical beautiful.

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