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The first selection of shell Mosaic has gradually become indoor decoration

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Modern decorate people pay attention to environmental protection, more and more comfortable. The most used is the ceramic tile on the market at present, plaster, wood coatings, these are high energy consumption, high consumption, high pollution, there are a lot of waste, but there are a lot of unique advantages of shell Mosaic. Shell Mosaic technique of expression is very rich, it can be either Goethe type restoring ancient ways, the art of carved fine pecked also can be lively, vivid feeling, also can reflect the very cold, cool, more warmth, romantic. And polishing brick, and archaize brick has its limitations, in warm, lively, as well as the Mosaic diversity. Mosaic tile relatively speaking is more agile, can reflect the artist's personal. In addition, the Mosaic color, material, it is other decorative materials can not substitute. Do some very bright colors, such as the temperature and the ceramic is not the same, basically can achieve in terms of color printing color code. Such as very bright red Mosaic is very easy to achieve, but if the ceramic to a very bright color is quite difficult. Shell Mosaic has a lot of advantages in decoration, so it is quite popular in recent years become a new environmental protection building decoration materials. It USES the pure natural freshwater shellfish, seashells, after first to enter the machine polishing, piecing up by artificial carefully again. Compared with other decorative building materials, shell Mosaic has many natural advantages. It is no pollution, no radiation, bibulous rate is low, good moisture resistance, lasting gorgeous color, specifications, dosage of light, widely used. In political pluralism and under the new situation of global economic integration, increasing the quality of life of human, a massive increase in the number of travel tourism, the requirement of increasing the human to the hotel and leisure clubs. People's life taste and interest is changing, space covers an area of more than three times the use area of the building wall, is the place that most occupy our line of sight, and setting wall is the most easily conspicuous place, is a symbol of taste, is essential and the most important part of interior decoration. Original uniform wall paint wallpaper has become the representative of the 'aesthetic fatigue', a symbol of 'no personality'. So many hotels, leisure clubs will shell Mosaic as the interior decoration first choice. Shell contained Mosaic of contracted and fashionable elements and creative design, extend the infinite imagination space for the unique taste of people, improve the grade of the decoration, it has slowly in China, and into the decorative style of The Times. If you are interested in the above shell Mosaic, please click on our official website:, or contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call:, '' - you full thoughtful procurement consultant.
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