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The innovation of the shell Mosaic space and the future development of shell Mosaic

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic innovation space and the future development of shell Mosaic
natural, environmental protection is the biggest characteristic of shell Mosaic. Modern people more and more the pursuit of low carbon, environmental protection, therefore, shell Mosaic will more and more popular with people.

shell Mosaic is the treasure of modern decoration industry, it is one of the oldest known decorative arts, it is to use small shell Mosaic tile or small pottery to create the pattern.
shell Mosaic using a special process, it takes the characteristics of small and exquisite, glow be widely used in floor, wall, and of indoor small area the size outdoor metope and ground. Mosaic because volume is small, can make some puzzle, mutations.
due to the raw material of shell Mosaic, glass magnesium board, ceramic, stone, ceramic tile, shell Mosaic of various raw materials according to the practice of company itself and the characteristics of the raw materials out of the output is characteristic of its features. Differential operation, constitute a favorable benign competition. Should pay attention to stand, and on this basis, to play together, have advantages, to achieve win-win situation, to make the development of the Mosaic walk further.
in the first place, like is a kind of technique, is a company in order to survive and adopted by a temporary solution. Second to simulate's intention is to set different, instead of copying, presumably on the basis of reference to do STH unconventional or unorthodox. Again, the Mosaic of civilization is precipitation, inheritance, carry forward process, so the company can come out from the modeled after, and made a vision to the faster development. Furthermore, Mosaic, after all, is the characterization of goods are differentiated routes, the particularity of its decision made different just has a rapid development of the space.

shell Mosaic is very popular in recent years of indoor decoration materials. The use of pure natural shell material: abalone shell, black butterfly, huang2 die2, white butterfly shell, decorative, pink shell, gold lip shell, freshwater shellfish, etc. Through the profound skills, and trade links to choose the most leading machinery make full function; Shells of natural grain is unmatched by other decorate material, every piece of grain and each are not identical, together with a cheng brightness and dazzing feeling; It is the result of natural, natural performance.

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