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The method of making the shell Mosaic

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Custom shell Mosaic process and making method of process:
shell Mosaic order process is roughly as follows: the owner provide choice or Mosaic pictures - — Architects design drawings - — The owner confirmed drawings - — Mosaic - — Delivery of the goods.
, like a Mosaic of custom time is related to the difficulty of the puzzle and area. If the area is not large, Mosaic materials in 3 ~ 4 square meters, there are 15 days or so can be completed; The area of the larger need about 30 days.
it is important to note that the collage shell Mosaic generally have special materials and gap filling agent, need to Mosaic store to buy. In addition, the difficulty is not great Mosaic is generally not package, will first make good Mosaic Mosaic small units, such as the specifications of the 30 cm * 30 cm, at the back number, it can let decorate construction personnel for collage. The design of complex make best brand merchants to provide the shop is stuck.
the method of making the shell Mosaic
the earliest is a kind of shell Mosaic Mosaic art, such as stones, shell, tile, glass color insert application on wall surface or on the floor of the drawing design to the performance of a kind of art. Shell Mosaic become adornment material, was found to be the earliest used in architectural decoration Mosaic is Sue beauty of the temple wall, and archaeological finds the most is the time of ancient Greece, the ancient greeks marble Mosaic pavement applications are common, the most common form of mutual collocation, it is black and white stone Mosaic.
with shell Mosaic do when is the art of luxury decoration performance, development to the end of the ancient Greece, some skillful craftsman and artists in order to enrich its architectural decoration works to the more diversified, begin to use smaller fragments, and his hand cutting small flake through all sorts of color is tie-in, combination to complete series Mosaic Mosaic works, the shop is stuck on the wall of building, ground, cylinder, its original, rough art forms, is the wealth of the Mosaic of history and culture. Now, can be used to make Mosaic materials more and more elastic. From the traditional marble, small pebbles, glass block, pottery, ceramics and enamel, etc. , you can use to any of the lives of materials such as buttons, tableware or stationery are available. Today in this era of high technology, with gold and silver to vitreous Mosaic pieces can be mass production. Shell Mosaic due to its position in the visual culture and the special meaning, taken seriously by academia, in the 1950 s, the art world was inspired by again magnificent Byzantine shell Mosaic, coupled with the emergence of new materials such as glass fiber and plastic, provides a for the modern Mosaic Mosaic home to create unique and compelling art new opportunities. As a kind of traditional and powerful means of decoration, shell Mosaic become extremely expressive form of art in the modern decoration.

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