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by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shells since ancient times is the mother of pearl, pearl luster unparalleled are other substances, but is not the same luster and pearl shells, shell still has original light, pearl shells and has his unique texture, texture and texture of the leaves of the same shell, not a piece of shell is the same, and his reflection luster are based on the texture, yes so shell Mosaic and, unlike other types of glass Mosaic, he said the refraction of light is desultorily, colour more other material Mosaic not colorful.
shells is a symbol of wealth, early in our country are shells as a currency to exchange articles, to now, professor feng shui or shells to faking a town house to ward off bad luck a sharp object, we put the shells are highlighted as a Mosaic is a symbol of wealth and good luck.
we tomorrow shellfish is one of the earliest engaged in the development of shell Mosaic factory, ideas, from the beginning to the present orthodox process, we have experienced from r&d to step by step, we come to the market step by step hard fruits to the present, we thank the friends who support us all the way from beginning to end, is only your support, we at the shellfish in order to create a more brilliant tomorrow morning.

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