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The new trend of the shell Mosaic decoration decoration into fits popular new trend

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
The new trend of the shell Mosaic decoration decoration into fits popular new trend

household tide always constantly changing, the classic of yesterday, today may have left behind; But also maybe yesterday was eliminated, and become the people of today. Shell Mosaic is after the reincarnation, resurfaced with a new outlook. Out of the shell Mosaic have what change? In addition to the traditional USES, pioneer a new field which again, and what new collocation method is there? Let's take a look at.
once upon a time, shell Mosaic, with its color, a single picture can only be committed in the kitchen, bathroom, now it has now TV wall, children room, decorative columns, etc. First of all, on colour shell Mosaic is not only a simple white tonal, the other added huang2 die2, black butterfly, paua shell, penguin, decorative, pink shell and other colorful shells, can be either a single color of shell Mosaic, can also be a variety of shell color photograph joining together, combination of beautiful and colorful; Is no longer confined to the square and rectangle, lozenge, polygonal, more complex even modelling came into being, people can in shell Mosaic enchase other materials, such as resin, add lively feeling, or simply use the shells together into a variety of complex patterns. Shells of the specifications of the Mosaic is becoming more and more rich, according to the novelty, shell Mosaic in the shop is stuck not constrained to the traditional way, everyone can be different colors, different standard, different shapes of composite shell Mosaic, expresses the characteristics of needs, so that the shell of the Mosaic won the appeal of talents.
in the face of nowadays a variety of projects and a wide variety of home goods, security, environmental protection, comfortable decorate owner to become the most concern, follow the fashion style and changeable decoration has become the new pursuit of consumers. Many decorate owner is no longer a 'building', started promoting low carbon is decorated, in the realization of environmental protection at the same time also can relieve the economic pressure, shell Mosaic - — No pollution, no radiation, natural and healthy environmental protection, has become a popular way to decorate.
shell Mosaic - — New decoration material, innovative concept, creating healthy household, low carbon home outfit. Shell Mosaic selects the natural shells as raw materials, low carbon environmental protection, as the environmental protection adornment material growing popularity in the decoration industry. Shell Mosaic of natural, healthy environmental protection, can absorb formaldehyde, this new type of decorative materials more and more get of consumer love. Shell Mosaic brings a kind of natural wind, maintain indoor household environment natural flavor, reduce the pollution of formaldehyde, creating healthy household environment, avoiding the pollution caused by other adornment decorates material. Through the landscape designer's clever conception, several shell materials perfect collocation, make whole bedroom effect more warmth, more comfortable and more beautiful.
in addition to low carbon environmental protection, another advantage is the ability to keep up with the trend at any time, free to change the style that occupy the home. Can according to your indoor whole style to build Chinese style, European style, rural and pure and fresh, contracted and contemporary, and other styles. Consumers can according to oneself be fond of make designers to design their own style. Also can at any time according to their own mood, build a unique rural amorous feelings or vivid original space or concise modern life.

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