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The shellfish treasure - — Library's giant clam and Buddha ear lili clams

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Giant clam in shellfish and Buddha ear clams are the most precious, tridacna is buddhist shippo qi, the Buddha ear lili clam up to 39 years old life. Big tridacna, shell at its widest point can reach 1. 3 meters, weighing about 300 kg, is a kind of biggest shellfish. A big fan of shells, can make the baby bath tub, striking two scallop shell strength. It is said that can easily will anchor chains were broken. Shell is very thick, slightly triangular, two shell the same. Shell surface is white, very rough, with five bulky imbricate radiation rib, growth ring pulse, formed in the shell surface curve overlapping ruffle. Shells inside also is white, but full of sheen, with radiation rib, the corresponding channel between ribs, hinge of long and narrow, the two shells are the main tooth and tooth after each one. Primary teeth short, weak back teeth. Big giant clam was not beautiful in appearance, but open the shells in the sea, the body colour is gorgeous, not only have blue, pink, green, brown and other bright colors, and there are all kinds of decorative pattern. Mussels in the Buddha ear clams also called white clams, also belong to flap gill class mollusks, are classified as class II protected animal. Its shell is very big also, shell length can reach 12. 8 cm, shell about 7. 4 cm, shell width 4. 4 cm, guangxi only distribution in our country. Its Buddha ear in shape or trapezoid, around two shells are equal, but the asymmetry of both sides. Shell front obtuse, obtuse Angle shaped in the back. Front short and curved, abdominal slightly straight, slightly concave into the central, trailing edge long, slightly curved, downward sloping, connected to the abdomen margin obtuse Angle. Shell roof is not prominent, below the highs of the back edge. The surface of the shell is yellow-brown, without burnish, irregular growth lines, shells, central back crest with vertical radial and longitudinal ribs, back crest of longitudinal rib is formed from nodular nodules of oblique rib. Left shell with two proposed the main gear and two lateral teeth, right shell has two proposed the main gear and only one side of the tooth. That perches in the clear water quality, substrate for sand, pebbles or rock mountain rivers, feed on tiny organisms and organic detritus. If you are interested in above shell setting wall, please click on our official website: or toll-free hotline: for more information. We can according to your personal love to create art of the exclusive you background wall,, you only need to provide photos ( Landscape painting, personal photo album, wedding photography, etc. ) To us, '-' you close the way of purchasing consultant.
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