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by:HIYOSENCE     2021-01-22
Shell Mosaic decoration material treasures shell element of domestic outfit was popular
as a new type of shell Mosaic decoration materials, the most attractive means of decoration, is also the most fashionable, most expressive form of art, in a recent appearance before presented to consumers, quickly became a popular decorative material.

shell Mosaic in recent years gradually into people's horizons, quickly became the adornment material treasures, decorated with yet trend to occupy main market. To solve the disadvantages of traditional Mosaic. Such as glass Mosaic, relatively drab, class is quite low; Marble Mosaic, crystal Mosaic, crystal Mosaic, etc. , the waterproof performance is poorer, radiation is bigger, poor environmental performance, in order to gradually eliminated by the market. The material of shell Mosaic adopt natural shell as raw materials, products of natural, health, environmental protection, and can absorb formaldehyde, colorful shells, high and attractive, sending out the beauty of nature, to build a healthy, no pollution, no radiation indoor household environment, received the general consumer's favor.

shell Mosaic bibulous rate is low, durable element is also loved by people. Outshine others in the field of Mosaic, and open the floodgates, menacing, decoration market rapidly occupation. People choose shell Mosaic has become the first choice when decorate.

when it comes to the role of the shell, typically with food, handicraft, but who would have thought the common shell can be made into metope adornment? Shell decoration, by contrast, more than ordinary steel adornment metope can attract the attention of people.

huang2 die2, a perfect combination of white butterfly and mirrors shell, greets people is in the light of the moon sparkle of ling ripples on the surface of the water, silvery moonlight covered with a layer of beautiful coat for her, a beautiful and such a harmonious picture. Put the background wall at home, as if in harmony with nature, can feel hui ying the silvery moonlight on the lake, the wind swaying of the lotus leaf, water like the meteor fall, calm lake layers of ripple.

brilliant golden mirror, flow pattern, described a pair of 'time', as if to tell us the time flies, the blink, the passage of time is gone forever, we should cherish the beautiful things around, cherish every moment with his family. The setting wall also signifies the home is the harbor of mind, a lifetime of station.

use the setting wall of shell making, adornment gimmick is more clever, more sophisticated, design more beautiful, more pure. Shell special background wall, grain and colour and lustre of shells and indoor metope, the combination of decoration, can foil more out of a kind of sweet atmosphere, as if to feel the nature, the sea breeze gently touching your face, is so gentle. Shell setting wall decorate brings a whole new experience, not only the design is novel, unique, and very suitable for creating personality style and personality is extremely household space.

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