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Tile Market Main Trend of the Future

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-06-01
Tiles as the main material of ground decoration, in a variety of styles, rich colors, and different materials in front of consumers. That's not a problem continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers tiles are increasingly high requirements. The tile has long been not only for floor decoration materials, but has started to be used for your wall for the kitchen, the bathroom, the walls of the building lobby, even decorative walls and the entrance of creating decoration materials. According to item of the tile water absorption, tiles are mainly divided into porcelain tile, stoneware , fine stoneware , stoneware , ceramic tile. And according to the purpose, can also divided into interior wall tile, exterior wall , floor tile. What's more, divided in accordance however material, the tile can be split up into glazed tile, body tile, polished tiles, porcelain tile, variety. With the gradual improvement of the process, the surface of the tile color, pattern, texture affluent. On the color, tiles mainly use white, beige, light yellow color, this light colored conducive to expanding the horizons of space, and reach clean decorative effect. The glazed tiles is decoration common brick kinds, consequence of its rich color patterns and the antifouling ability, it is widely in wall and flooring surfaces. According to different gloss, it can be divided into Glossy glazed tiles and matte glazed glass tiles. According to different raw materials, glazed split into ceramic glazed tiles and ceramic glazed tiles. Fired ceramic glazed tiles is formed from clay, high water absorption, the intensity is relatively low, the main features of your back in red. The fired ceramic glazed tiles is created porcelain clay, low water absorption, the intensity is relatively high, the main features of a back corner to off-white. In recent years, the mosaic is active in home renovations , which generally consists of dozens of small bricks, and with acid, impermeable, easily broken, an associated with strong color changing, etc. Although the amount of the mosaic is the smallest in the various tiles, but the rii amazing functionality. Designers can be spliced into a mosaic combination of different patterns, mosaics as well as other decorative material with can play an enhancing role. Compared with glazed tiles, mosaics, high-end ceramic tile happens to be a 'leader' the actual planet upscale place decorative material. Streamer jade use high-tech a digital fabrics system technology, combining composite technology, which can reach gorgeous noble impair. In addition, Marble tile can achieve offers can be very of natural marble in texture, color, texture, feel, and visual effects, and decorated better than natural stone. In the global industry in advocating low-carbon environment, the more consumers care about the ceramic tile products whether meet environmental standards, along with the excessive radiation certifications. Therefore, in the future, with the technology advances, environmental protection tiles will become mainstream in industry industry. At present, a new mixed socialist, new environment, new imitation stone, and new cubism has end up being the four popular trend in ceramic tile industry.
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