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Unique effect ChengLiang point shell Mosaic

by:HIYOSENCE     2021-02-02
Her tolerance is the spirit of nature itself, the mystery of the solidification of history, no Jiang; Her beauty in from green, from rich spiritual landscape, from a perennial nature; Shell Mosaic was originally a small ceramic tile use or small pottery and create the pattern of the effect. Nowadays, it by its unique effect, become a highlight of ceramic tile market.
shellfish products, whether it is set in the wall, or arrangement in the floor. Whether used in handicrafts manufacturing or ornament in furniture, is to show the elegant personality and temperament, coruscate gives the noble style. It can be widely used in large buildings interior wall, ground, swimming pool, garden landscape, bathroom, lobby background, they can be used for wall decoration, pillar decoration, light box decorated, modelling column, signs, wei yu is decorated, the anchor line, furniture decoration, etc.
shell Mosaic is a natural pearl shells as raw materials, tone is given priority to with natural colour and lustre and grain shells, fusion of modern humanistic design concept, adopt jewelry processing, refined but become fashionable, environmental protection of high-grade decoration materials. Her elegant, natural color, soft, not only with the brilliance of pearl, also reflected the mystery of ocean in the house decoration. She derived from nature, can make our lives more natural elements, let you can swim in the home of advocate natural chang in the arms of the sea, relax and enjoy the nature with pleasure.

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