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usage and characteristics of mosaic tiles -

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-10-11
Mosaic tiles are made by placing small pebbles on the grid, and with the help of the grouting line, a smooth surface divided into different parts is provided.The texture of the mosaic tile is very similar to the texture of the tile.The difference between tile and mosaic is that mosaic is smaller than ceramic.
Usually, when people use these tiles, they assemble small pieces together with paper glue or other materials.When you install these tiles on the floor or on the surface of the wall, you have to make sure that there is enough space left between individual tiles to allow the cement to leak into those spaces and to make those tiles stick together.The use of these tiles is used for covering materials on floors, walls, or other surfaces.
According to the features of the surface of the tile, there are two mosaics here, namely, the polished surface and the rough surface.The polished surface mosaic is suitable for wall cover, and the rough surface is suitable for floor cover to avoid slipping.The surface of these tiles also has the ability not to be damaged by chemicals, oil, pressure and scratches.
Note that you have to make sure that the pieces of these tiles are firmly glued to the surface when applying the mosaic to the surface, otherwise they will fall off.You can also clean these tiles using wet cotton without using any other cleaning chemicals.The first thing you should keep in mind when installing these tiles is that the floor and walls are well prepared for slope and surface cleanliness.
You have to make sure the surface is flat and not knotted, otherwise the tiles will not stick firmly to the surface.You then have to mix the cement and sand in the right proportions, apply on a surface of about 3 cm thick, and slowly place the mosaic tiles on the cement until the cement is dry.If you choose to use glue paper, then apply the cement to the cavity between the individual tiles and then place 2-3 days before use.
This approach is actually not complicated, so it\'s OK for you if you want to do it yourself.If you visit a building materials store and see mosaic tiles simulated on glue paper or nylon web, this is just a model that shows the design of mosaic tile patterns, remember, this is not the way you can actually apply those paper tiles to the floor or wall.Mosaic tiles assembled and glued to the net are more suitable for floor cover than for use with walls, because the nylon mesh has less ability to stick to the surface, because the nylon mesh must carry the weight of the entire mosaic, and the space it attaches to the surface is very small.
Mosaic tile types that cover and attach to the surface using adhesive paper will be more effective
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