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What about the supply capacity of mother of pearl oyster white tile in HIYOSENCE?
In general, Hunan Star of Ocean Shell Decoration Material Co., Ltd ensures high production efficiency and fast delivery period so as to satisfy the needs of customers. We've established a complete set of the supply chain. From the delivery of source materials from the suppliers to us, through the finished products' eventual delivery to the end-users, we ensure every process is operated and supervised by professional employees and in accordance with international standards. We also focus on technology innovation because it will help us speed up the progress and ensure our competitiveness in supplying the products to the market.

HIYOSENCE is a export-oriented manufacturer of shell mosaic. We provide professional design and production of shell mosaic. The shell blend marble series has become a hot product of HIYOSENCE. Except for package, this product also has additional features, such as being tapped for easy distribution and processing. It has no indoor air pollution with 100% natural material. The heat sink of this product absorbs the heat generated and radiate to the surroundings so as to prevent the product from overheat. Hence, users are free to touch on it without feeling hot. It has no indoor air pollution with 100% natural material.

With the growing growth of natural shell mosaic tile industry, shell mosaic plays an important role in the development of HIYOSENCE. Ask!
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