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Zillij tile: Moroccan mosaic tile elegance and

by:HIYOSENCE     2020-05-29
Zillij mosaic tile identified as Zellidj, Zillij, Zellij, zellige is crucial element Moorish and Moroccan architecture and decorating. Folks use the word tile is derived from the French word tuile, which is, in turn, derived over the Latin word tegula, meaning a roof tile made from baked clay surfaces. The process of production begins by mixing clay and water and kneeling them by hands and feet until they reach an advanced of flexibility and homogeneity. Then, the mixture is cut into squares of 1 cm thickness each. The squares get dried up under sunlight before tend to be put in the special oven for a previous phase baking. The tiles are placed in different levels based on the degree of temperature necessary attain a particular color. The white tile is often placed in the bottoom followed coming from the blue, yellow, and saving money on finest. The second phase starts when we remove the tiles through the oven and separate them by their colors; once we are finished this process, we start drawing the patterns of the intended design directly on tiles; accomplished by 'rasham' followed by the cutting process which is conducted by 'naqqash' who carefully separate the drawn pattern by a sharpened claw. Last but not least, 'khallas' or finisher finishes the work by cutting the tiles' edges assuring that they meet all requirements for production. By making usage of our design team, the zillij master draws the look layout among the bushes and places each furmah or little tile in the exact placed into the overall pattern. Interestingly enough, the position of tiles is done upside down, which yields even challenging to take in. Zillij usually used to cover walls, floors and columns of kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace, patio, courtyard, fountain,living and dining rooms and many other spaces. These spaces do not only include residences, however additionally restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, swimming pool, theatres, golf country clubs, and numerous commercial endeavours. Zillij tiles takes different motifs (geometric, floral and chiseled) in an organic and traditionaly glazed colors. Each motif and color remains a symbol and has a special significance in the iconography within the Islamic/Moorish skills. Zillij mosaic tiles goes well with either traditional mediteranean style or even modern contemporary style depending on the combination of colours and pattern that can be in endless possibilities. Apart within the floors and walls, zillij can be utilized to produce beautiful tables and fountains using a wide number of motifs and colors. The fountains can either be central or part with regards to a wall. Each placed on the wall opposite the main entrance, immediately facing the visitor, in mind of the zillij maintenance. The fountain is a very important element of the Moorish house because water is an epitome of life in the ancient Moorish culture for so many centuries in Al Hambra, Spain. In hot weather, the water from courtyard pools and fountains cools within the surroundings and also the running water works as relaxing and appealing visual elements. Water does furthermore reflect architecture and multiply decorative themes, but it can also serve as a method of emphasizing the visual axes. Benefits of Zillij (Tiles) Creative benefits * Feature historic, cultural, artistic, and architectural desing templates. * Create unique atmosphere by combining various designs, colors, shapes, and rrrgime. Economic and Technical benefits * Structurally, tile 1 of the of the strongest mechanical finishes, interior and exterior. * Is actually not fire-resistant and it does not burn any kind of time temperature or produce toxic fumes. * Its colors are permanent, unaffected by Ultra violet rays or fading from sun damage. * Everyone non-conductive visualize new and different will not produce some sort of shock. Could be ideal in sensitive computer installations in corporate settings or home offices. * Its content has high insulation values; it acts as natural cooling element as summer and retains ambient heat in cold water. * Certified organic color pigments * Zillij tiles are green and enviremental friendly Environmental & Health benefits * Slip resistance for improved safety on interior and exterior surfaces. * Ought to made using a 100% plentiful and natural raw material that, when removed from a site, is not harmful into the landfills. * It cuts down on allergies and improves indoor air quality Saint Tropez Boutique one particular the largest manufacturer of proper zillij mosaic tiles and Moroccan tiles in Morocco, just lunched a new line of zillij tiles that is pre-assembled and front mounted zillij mosaic tiles into 12' x 12' sheets or 12' x 6' zillij borders using adhesive glue that holds the mosaic tiles well and allow anyone to intall the zillij tiles without the requirement to any special experience r tactics. The Pre-assembled zillij tiles by Saint Tropez Boutique are DIY and are very to be able to install same way if a person installting marble or glass mosaics due to ceramic tiles thin-set and grout. eventhough the zillij tiles comes pre-assembled, they nonetheless handmade, hand-cut, hand-mounted.The art of mosaic in Morocco, called 'Zillij,' dates back many generations. Handmade, hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tile and mosaics are crafted using traditional and regional clays and glaze hues. Zillij tile is timeless and works beautifully in traditional and contemporary interiors. For info on Zillij tiles and Moroccan mosaic tiles take a moment to contact: Moroccan tile by Saint Tropez Boutique 25 Evelyn way San Francisco, California 94127 Phone: (415) 513-5920 Email: Web:
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